My Family

Christi:  I love to write, but I’ll fully admit I’m not always the most grammatically correct (I’M SORRY!).  Consider this blog as my hobby…and not my entrance in to the journalism field, professionally.  I spend my days working in the advertising industry and my nights…with my family.  Family is EVERYTHING to me.  The closest people in my life, share my bloodline – or married in to that bloodline.  I would do anything for those that I love.  I can be a bit untidy, sometimes a bit serious but I live with a zest for life every single day that I hope comes across in the pages of this blog.  I love animals, reading, laughing at my son and office supplies.  I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES.

Sarah:  Quite possibly, the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met and I’m thankful every single day that she chose me to spend her life with.  She is hardworking, selfless and an absolute blessing to our life.  Sarah spends her days working in the construction field and her nights…with US!  She’s a fantastic softball player, pool player, basketball player, and dart player.  She’s incredibly competitive.  You’ll see her a lot in this blog – we spend quite a bit of time together.

A:  He’s quirky and hysterical.  Absolutely loves to sing and is happiest, when all of his favorite people are in the same location.  He can be a bit introverted (like his mommy) but mostly just loves to enjoy life.  He’s incredibly well mannered and empathetic – one of my favorite qualities about him.  He’s a little bit sporty, a little bit techy and ton of fun.

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