The Beginning


I’ve been planning this post, in my head, for a very long time.  How I should introduce myself, and my family, and the reason for starting this blog in the first place.  Every single time, I’d have some different angle, something different to say but ultimately…no real way to introduce this.

I don’t have a clever quote, or a funny anecdote, or some sort of philosophy that will promise you I’ll change your life if you read this blog.  I just have the truth.

I suppose that’s a good place to start.

My name is Christi.  I have a son who I loving refer to as “A”, a bulldog named Prince, and two cats (Egon and Marshmallow – yes, after the Ghostbusters).  I maneuver this life with my partner, Sarah…and our village.  We’re a pretty basic family.  And by basic, I think I really mean boring.  We work 45 – 50 hours a week, we come home, we eat dinner, occasionally clean (thus, the messy part), and we go to bed.  It’s about as basic as it gets around here.  But, we’re two women – raising a family – so that tends to make us stand out just a little bit, no matter how boring we really are.  Life can get a bit messy and complicated but it’s incredibly beautiful, and I’m really excited to share our story and our journey with you all!

I refer to Sarah not as my partner because that’s how you refer to your Gay Partner.  Honestly, whether she were a man or a woman, I’d refer to her as my partner.  I don’t do “Husband” or “Wife” or “Girlfriend” or “Boyfriend”.  Those titles are too constricting, in my personal belief system.  I prefer Partner.  It defies gender, and defines the relationship perfectly.  So for the purpose of this blog, you will hear me reference her as “partner”.  It is an honor to her, and our relationship.

You see, Sarah and I started dating while I was still pregnant with A.  Now before you go all “What the Hell?!” on me, understand this one specific piece of information.  Regardless of what happened between me and my son’s father (which you will not get the gory details of – sorry), Sarah stepped in to a role she definitely did not have to take on.  And she did it willingly, and with a smile (most of the time) and because of that – “A” loves her whole-heartedly.  I love her whole heartedly.  She is as much of a parent to “A” than I am.  She is my partner.  A description far greater than “wife” or “girlfriend”.

And soon, we’re hoping to add “Mother” to her repetoir of amazing roles she plays.  And this blog, is meant to document that journey of ours.  Our plan, is to get pregnant – to get Sarah pregnant.  Hopefully this year.  We’re excited to take our little family of 3, to a family of 4 – although Sarah would say that we’re hoping for a family of 6.

We’ll see how this next one goes.

And so there it is, the introduction to my blog and your sneak peek in to my life.  In to our life.  Let me know you stopped by.  I’d love to say hi!